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Finding smaller sized condoms is very difficult these days. We used to carry three different brands. Trojan made a slimmer design condom, Lifestyles had a snugger fit condom and a brand called Exotica had a smaller condom that they also called snugger fit. Here at we specialize in selling items that are embarrassing to buy in a store. Smaller condoms were extremely popular with our visitors. Ordering them from us is a completely private experience. In late 2005 all three of the mainstream manufacturers discontinued their smaller sized condoms. Fortunately, in late 2006 we found these condoms. Four Seasons is an Australian company. The Four Seasons Tighter Fitting Condoms are more secure fitting condoms. They have a diameter of 49MM, the same diameter as the other smaller condoms that we used to sell. Typical condoms are about 10% larger than this, so the difference is not huge, but the added security is welcome to many people. These condoms are lubricated with a small amount of water-based lubricant. This is fairly typical, most condoms use a water-based lubricant. This box contains 12 condoms.

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